Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Camaraderie: Play On! Recap from Noel

by : Noel Fagerhaugh

Even though I am a self proclaimed "non-sports" person, I decided to attend the S-Kitchen's event Play On! Knowing that Jason himself was not into sports gave me a little peace of mind; I would at least have one other person there with whom to share my snarky quips. I also knew from past S Kitchen events that the quality of both food and conversation would be high, at least I hoped.

We arrived under the high domed lid of fog that often covers the nieghborhood off Cesar Chavez. I didn't realize until we were greeted by the host and hostess that wearing orange and black meant you were showing team spirit. Even Jason had dressed for the Giants! As it turns out, only one other guest and myself were attired incorrectly, yet we were still made to feel welcomed.

It's been over 15 years since I've sat down and watched a whole sporting event and I was careful to keep my anti-competition, anti-capitalism comments to myself. I only slipped once, and this was to ask how much the seats behind the dugout sold for during these games. Apparently, alot! I was surprised to catch myself getting into the game along with the orange and black clad guests around me. I was cheering and critiquing along with the rest. Highlights for me were Alec's homerun dance in front of the big screen when the Giants scored and the pumpkin bread still warm from someone's oven. We were fed steaming stew and a seven layer dip you could drown happy in. On commercial breaks we learned of the good works being done by so many to inform, inspire and instigate change in the world. While I am not running out to buy season tickets to anything involving sweat and balls, I had a great time and am grateful for Jason, the S Kitchen and all who participate in this thing called Life.

No Contest: The Case Against Competition by Alfie Kohn

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