Monday, November 1, 2010

Camaraderie: Dark City Recap from Kailani

The S. Kitchen’s celebrated San Francisco’s favorite holiday with Dark City, a Halloween cocktail and birthday party (happy b-days Jen, Huck, and John) on Friday, October 22nd. We blacked out the windows of Jason and John’s home and decorated with silver confetti and candles. The theme may have been “dark,” but the mood was lit up by colorful costumes, from Popeye and Olive Oil to the Devil and a flapper.

Unlike other kitchens, Dark City was a cocktail party and not about food, though Jason and I did make the salsa (recipe coming soon!). My mother, though, loves Halloween fun food and spent all day making “toxic” jello shots and “dirty” cupcakes with gummy worms.

My friends and I spent most of the night on the back porch. It was cool, like San Francisco nights are, but we enjoyed talking and laughing with old and new friends. We were the youngest ones at the party, but it was fun meeting new people and seeing all the great costumes.

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