Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cuisine: Coming Soon: The S. Kitchen Spices

I love, love, love spices. When John and I went to Berlin to visit our friends Daniel and Tomas, I bought so many regional spices that we had to buy an extra suitcase just to fit everything. There was a Turkish turmeric that just danced on my tongue, five different varieties of paprika (my absolute FAVORITE spice because most folks just brush it off -- I always love the underdog), a white pepper that is better than any black pepper I have had in the United States, and a dried leafy green coriander, which I've never found stateside either (you can find coriander seeds and fresh coriander -- aka cilantro). When you visit our home the second thing you notice (after the 1000s of cds adorning our apartment) is the shelves and shelves of spices. Spice rules my life and my cooking palate.

I also know that building up your spice rack is expensive. So for the holidays, I am starting a new enterprise, The S. Kitchen SPICES, that will bring the complexity of my spice cabinet into your home for a reasonable cost.

I am crafting three unique flavor combinations based on my love of blending global cuisines to create new taste palates. The first is The Curried Cajun, a mixture of blacked seasoning and Thai curry flavors. It has a bit of heat mixed with a tangy sweetness that brings out bold flavors. The second is Cowboys in India, bringing south India into the American southwest. It packs a punch and ends with the tasty zest of mango powder and the smoky smoothness of fenugreek. The last is The Whirling Berliner, inspired by my trip to Berlin and the amazing Turkish cuisine I can't find here. It is the sweetest of the bunch and brings out the earthiness of any meal.

The S. Kitchen flavors will be available for purchase starting on Sunday, November 21st at The S. Kitchen presents... Addictive Abundance at the Intellectuals' Table. (Click the link to RSVP! It's the only way to get the hidden location!) They will be $9 for 2.5 ounces. I know it seems a little expensive, but all proceeds directly benefit the FREE The S. Kitchen programming. (A girls gotta find some cash somewhere to keep these event going!)

Additionally, recipes using all of The Spiced Kitchen combinations will be available online starting November 22nd. There will be everything ranging from vegan dishes to meat stews to spiced desserts. And it will continue to grow through the years!

The S. Kitchen Spices makes a lovely gift for the holiday season. All jars are beautifully designed and come wrapped ready to give.

More information will be coming soon (including a list of ingredients -- but not the spice recipe!) If you would like to learn more or would like to purchase one of The S. Kitchen Spices blends, please contact my at

As of now, The Spiced Kitchen will only be available in the San Francisco Bay Area. There are hopes that if this goes well, it will expand through online sales.

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