The S. Kitchen is cuisine, conversation, and camaraderie. 

The S. Kitchen began as elaborate dinner parties focused on cuisines from around the world in 2006. It evolved in many directions from parties co-thrown by grandparents and students at a public middle school to less formal potlucks bringing good friends together to networking events that connected workers. It all converged in 2010 into potluck dinner parties promoting the social good.

You can learn even more here including some definitions.  

About the Catalysts
Jason W is life-long educator, writer, learner, and performer. He finds spaces between things and then creates plans to support their connection. He has helped professionalize youth development, built networks of youth workers, educators, and teaching artists, developed learning models based on peer exchange and shared expertise, and fostered community rooted in social justice, creativity, and laughter.

John O loves music. His collection of cds started over 20 years ago and now numbers over 4000. He worked at Tower Records for over 15 years until they finally shuttered their doors. Now, he works for Amoeba Music. He is passionate about finding new bands, learning new things, and building a community of fun, creative thinkers.

Jason W and John O were married in 2007 in a beautiful ceremony at the Crimson Lounge. They were legally married in 2008 when it was briefly legal in California. They are hopeful for a future where all queers are free.

They started The S. Kitchen because they love cuisine, conversation, and camaraderie.