Saturday, October 23, 2010

The S. Kitchen presents...Play On

The Giants made it to the World Series. YAY! In celebration, The S. Kitchen is hosting an impromptu party...Play On!

To RSVP, click here.

As with all The S. Kitchen's, it is a potluck dinner party for a cause with a few guidelines. Here are the details about this very special party:

  • Please bring your favorite TAILGATE DISH to share.
  • Please bring your own plate and utensil. We started this in May at Slowly Growing Green, and it has been wonderful. It helps keep waste down and reduces the amount our hosts have to clean.
  • Please bring your favorite sports story to share during the commercial breaks. (Now, I **hate** sports and even I have a sports story, so I know you have one too.)

AND...Introducing The Spiced Kitchen at Play On! Participants attending this special The S. Kitchen will receive a sample spice packet for use in chili, soups, grilling, casseroles, etc. The Spiced KItchen will be for sale in Cajun, Southwest, and Italian varieties for the holiday season as a fantastic gift for family, friends, and loved ones.

Our hosts for Play On are Maria and Alex P. I have known Maria and Alex for 10 years. They are marvelous people doing excellent community work. Maria runs the OMI Cultural Participation Project and Asian Mainstream Productions. I have been blessed to work with Maria throughout my personal and professional life, and I am proud to call her family.

Our guestpert for Play On is Eben D. from Playworks. Playworks (formerly Sports4Kids) seeks to improve the health and well-being of children by increasing opportunities for physical activity and safe, meaningful play. I have been honored to work closely with Playworks over the past four years and have seen their transformative power of play.

The S. Kitchen is cuisine, conversation, and camaraderie.

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