Thursday, January 28, 2010

Weeds Growing Influence

The momentum around marijuana legalization is building. A great example are two articles in both San Francisco Weekly and The San Francisco Bay Guardian in the last three weeks. San Francisco Weekly's "Weed Takes Root" focused on Oaksterdam and the growing social entrepreneurial spirit of medical marijuana growers. The San Francisco Bay Guardian's "Marijuana Goes Mainstream" centered on the actual medical marijuana clubs in San Francisco and Oakland, giving reviews of most of the clubs. And earlier this week, Steve D'Angelo, Executive Director of Harborside Health Center, appeared on G4's (that's geek television) Attack of the Show to discuss the implications of LA's new medical marijuana ordinances.

And what's even better...legalizing pot for recreational use might just get on the ballot this fall.  (NBC3 Article)

Amid all of the chaos that is the state budget and unemployment and cuts to education and other vital services, it is a small glimmer of hope. 

Steve D' Angelo's interview on Attack of the Show.

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