Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Stories from the Recipe Box

What does your recipe box say about you? That is the premise of Utne Reader's article "Uncovering the Past Through Recipes". It is a great question to ask. I actually did two winters ago when I visited my grandparents in Arizona. My granny has an old recipe box and a binder of recipes she's made throughout the years. It speaks of Swedish and German ancestry, 1950's white middle class foods, and lot's of love. I even copied recipes for classic Swedish Potato Sausage, rosettes, and crispy rolls (the latter of which I still can't make...Dang baking).

Collecting recipes and stories here at The S. Kitchen, I wonder what it says about me. My collection is a weird amalgamation of cuisines from around the world. It boasts lots of spicy flavors, and pork seems to be a key ingredient. And the format isn't your typical recipe box. It's not about secret recipes and ingredients. It is about sharing, connecting, and loving through food.

Please let me know your thoughts and stories about your families cooking traditions or the recipes posted here. It is always a pleasure to hear from you dear readers and friends.

"Uncovering the Past Through Recipes"

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