Monday, September 13, 2010

The S. Kitchen presents...Sing for Your Supper

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Everyone loves music! It can transform crappy days into sunshine or rain depending on the mood. It brings life, voice, and spirit in equal measure. Music is crucial to survival.

Music and the arts is also being slashed from education budgets across the nation. Filling the vacuum are struggling arts organizations trying their best to give voice to the voiceless. The arts need YOUR help to thrive.

The S. Kitchen presents...Sing for Your Supper is a tribute to music and voice and the food inspired by it.

As with all The S. Kitchen, it's a potluck with some guidelines. For this S. Kitchen we are asking that guests:

* Bring a dish inspired by your favorite song, album, band, or musical genre;
* Bring music (in the form of a CD or iPod/MP3 player) that inspired the dish.

Our fabulous host for this The S. Kitchen is Dee Mendoza. She is a fab youth worker and entrepreneur who lives in the fog belt known as the Outer Sunset. We are excited to part the fog and celebrate on Sunday, September 19 @ 2pm.

Our guest(pert) is Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir, as seen on the The Wendy Williams Show and featured in "Two Legit" by MC Hammer. OIGC was founded originally by Rhythmic Concepts, Inc. in 1986. It's inspiration came as a result of a Gospel music workshop led by Terrance Kelly, at RCI's Jazz Camp West, and Kelly became it's co-founder and artistic director. OIGC went on to become an independent organization in 1991, and consists of 60 singers and 4 musicians, who represent a multi racial, multi- cultural, interfaith community of diversity. There is also a smaller ensemble group and a youth choir. Auditions are held annually.

At The S. Kitchen presents...Slowly Growing Green, we asked folks to bring their own plate, utensil, and cup to reduce waste and the amount our guests have to clean up. And IT WORKED!

* So we are also asking you to bring your own plate, utensil, and cup.

And remember....The S. Kitchen is all about cuisine, conversation, and camaraderie.

Hope to see you there!