Sunday, March 28, 2010

TODAY! The S. Kitchen presents...The Kitchenless Cook

The S. Kitchen presents...The Kitchenless Cook is TODAY at 5pm at Casa O'Wyman. Our guest of honor is OutLook Theater Project.

This time the theme is The Kitchenless Cook. That's right *all* dishes MUST be made using electric skillets, crockpots, toaster ovens, George Foreman grills, hot plates, raw food...anything that doesn't use and actual stove or oven.

Why? Well...good thing you asked. This month our guest organization will be OutLook Theater Project - a Bay Area LGBTQ Theater troupe which is producing an original theatrical production -- This Many People -- as part of the Queer Arts Festival in JUNE 2010. The play focuses on bridging the conversation between LGBTQ youth and elders through their stories and experiences. It is a powerful piece about love, identity, hope, and movement.

So how does that connect with The Kitchenless Cook? LGBTQ youth and elders are more likely to live in SRO's or on the street or in places and spaces that don't have kitchens. So this month the challenge is to create great tasting food that can be cooked without a kitchen!

For this S. Kitchen we are asking that guests bring:
* A dish to share;
* The recipe of the dish you brought (if possible);
* An electric cooking instrument/tool to donate (all electric appliances collected will be donated to LGBTQ youth or elder organizations to be given away to youth/elders in need).

Doors will OPEN at 5pm and will stay open until 7pm. OutLook Theater Project will give a short 10 minute pitch for their company and play at 7pm. Guests are invited to stay until 9 or 10pm.

FYI - this is NOT a fundraiser, so you will NOT be asked for money.